Save Money, Don't Repeat Bar Exam Prep

Save Money, Don't Repeat Bar Exam Prep
by Paulina Bandy, Esq.

A Repeater should not be thought of as a repeat customer! Your bar exam preparation should show you how to pass the exam the first time around. If they want your repeat business, does that mean they held out before? If you give them more money, will they now reveal how to pass the bar exam? If your instructor gave you all they had, and you did all that was required of you, and you failed, then there are two possible outcomes:

1. You are on the road to passing. If your teacher provided the proper instruction and tools, continue perfecting your newly acquired skills. Don’t give them more money, for the same teachings. Take control over this exam and pass next time.


2. They did not teach you what you need to know. If you did all they asked of you, and you do not feel equipped to pass the exam, giving them more money to duplicate their program is not going to fulfill your need. Hire a more appropriate tutor to cure what ails you.

Invest wisely in your bar exam preparation. A bar exam instructor should look forward to your swearing in; not, your return business.

Good luck to you.

Paulina Bandy, Esq.
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Caveat: The above article is based on the assumption that the bar candidate actively participated in their program the first time around. If you were unable to complete the course work for feedback, and you respected your instructor, and if the tutor is willing to help you again, tell them you are committed this time, and accept their help.

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