Declutter Bar PrepSM Tutorial

Declutter Bar Prep<Font Size=1><Sup>SM</Sup></Font> Tutorial
The success story formula.

Itís not about re-inventing the wheel, itís about putting on the wheel properly and enjoying the ride!

What to Keep, What to Substitute, What to Throw Away

Declutter Bar PrepSM emphasizes quality over quantity. In my experience with bar exam repeaters, they are overloaded with how-to and multiples of bar review. Likely you have enough to pass the bar exam, itís what you do with it that counts. Declutter Bar PrepSM refines what you already have and know. Declutter Bar PrepSM uncovers what you didnít learn in law school and bar review so we can fix it.

My guidebook Declutter Bar Prep, along with weekly writing assignments, multi-state, and PT lessons are included in the program. To keep on track, we will have weekly meetings to up your game. The tuition is $2,995.

There is a cap on enrollment in this one-on-one program for Calbar Repeaters. A courtesy consultation to discuss program compatibility is the first step. Contact me, Paulina, directly at: to arrange a mutually convenient teleconference.

A nondisclosure agreement is required to participate in any Paulina Bandy, Esq. tutorials.