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Why bar review exam critiques don't work for repeaters

Most bar candidates take bar review. I don’t want my candidates working at an average level, especially when the Calbar exam statistics fall below 50% pass rate. If you come from a less than stellar school, or did not do well in law school, we will need to make up for the level of competition in which you are accustom.

The focus in Beyond Bar ReviewSM is to pump up your points in the writing sections of the Calbar exam. Hands-on instruction is the thrust of this program.

What I want, is when others are working at a bar review level, you will be performing at the upper level.

Here are some highlights:
- How to study like a passing candidate- 1 hour teleconference meeting to get your studies underway
- How to present answers like a passing candidate at the bar exam
- Time management techniques
- Communicating with bar graders through written word – issue spotting, creating useful rules, tightening analysis, utilizing the 2 types of conclusions
- Exam writing solutions (each practice exam supplies Solutions to elevate the next practice exam and serves as a catalyst for personal instruction).
-28 essay exam submissions and 2 Performance Exam submissions.
Tuition for this Bandy bundle is $2,450 for February 2019 Calbar repeaters.

Please email me your interest in this program. I will address any questions you have or we may get started.

A Paulina Bandy, Esq. Private Tutorial.
A nondisclosure agreement is required.
Candidate selection is based upon program compatibility and availability.