Bar Exam Mind SetTM
Restoring Repeaters' Calmness and Confidence
since 2007
Now for $2.99

Bar Exam Mind Set<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font> <br>Restoring Repeaters'  Calmness and Confidence <br>since 2007<br> Now for &#36;2.99
After consulting with candidates today (the Monday after CA Bar Results)…thought you guys could use a little Bar Exam Mind SetTM. Download it this week for immediate use for only $2.99. This recording is quite special to me and my candidates. Hope you enjoy it!
---Paulina Bandy, Esq.

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Here's what to expect...

Set the Stage for your Success:

In less than 15 minutes a day
*Reduce Anxiety
*Rehearse Passing
*Reignite Your Goals

Bar Exam Mind SetTM provides self-hypnosis techniques and positive visualization in the context of the bar exam essay. This is the same recording used by successful candidates in the Let's Do This ThingSM tutorial program to reduce stress, alleviate test anxiety, and rebuild confidence after failing notices left candidates depressed and depleted.

This Success Rehearsal consists of two steps:
1. Relaxation Induction
2. Positive Visualization

- At 12:51 minutes long, this audio recording sets the stage for peak performance without interfering with studies.

- Create a positive experience at the bar exam.

- Soothing alpha wave enhanced background music induces relaxation and focus.

Bar Exam Mind SetTM trivia:

In 2009, a bar candidate contacts the ABA Journal crediting Bar Exam Mind SetTM for his passing the New York Bar Exam after 8 unsuccessful tries.

Unsolicited, and uncompensated, reviews:

"A must have CD for any bar exam candidate"

"There is nothing like this out there."

"I felt calm and rested during the bar exam!"


"Your Mind Set CD has not only changed my bar taking life, it has changed the stress management in other parts of my life."

"It is incredible. Thank you very, very much."

"Listening to Bar Exam Mind Set helps me focus on my studies during the day, and helps me sleep at night."

"...even when the exam seemed impossible, I was able to gather my composure and perform well. Even the officials from the New York State Board of Law Examiners and the NYS Supreme Court asked me, how I am so relaxed. I told them that I just acquired a whole new MIND SET about the exam."

Paulina Bandy responds to the Bar Exam Mind SetTM phenomenon:

"The positive impact this recording has made on bar candidates is greater than I imagined. I am pleased to offer this support to Repeaters outside my private tutorial, and to make bar exam preparation a happier experience and more productive for bar candidates beyond California. The response has been overwhelming."
-Paulina Bandy, Esq.
Ms. Bandy is the owner of CA Bar Exam Repeaters' ResourceTM. She specializes in tutoring Repeaters of the CA Bar Exam. Most of her Bar Exam Study EnhancementsTM are exclusively available to her tutorial candidates. She holds both Psychology and Law Degrees.

Schedule a daily relaxation session with Bar Exam Mind SetTM. You will look forward to it.

Wishing you success.