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Once upon a time, there was a wide-eyed, diminutive blonde who decides to become an attorney. Driven by American ideals and unbridled enthusiasm, she begins her journey to find the bar exam exit to Esquire.

Although the destination is clear, she has no directions and the path is not marked, so the journey proves to be more difficult than anticipated. She knows no one who has made the journey before her.

Inexperienced for such a treacherous journey, she is vulnerable to bandits leaving her bruised and poor. With no help in sight she musters up the courage to continue, analyzes her experiences and exposures, and discovers the bar exam exit.

Now armed as an Esquire, Paulina Bandy chooses to guide and protect bar candidates. She maps the course so others avoid the bar exam quagmire.

“It is not by coincidence my candidates pass the CA Bar Exam, it is a result of calculation and cultivation.”
---Paulina Bandy, Esq

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