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“It is not by coincidence my candidates pass the CA Bar Exam, it is a result of calculation and cultivation.” ---Paulina Bandy, Esq.

Changing Course
for RepeatersTM

Bar Exam Preparation After Bar Review

The Repeater. An enigma to most bar review instructors. The same instruction that provided the correct path for them, and other first timers, creates only an illusion of progress, frustration, and demoralization to the Multi-Repeater. CA Bar Exam Repeaters’ ResourceTM brings Repeater Success TrainingSM to bar exam preparation.

Repeaters’ Resource steps in when bar review did not produce the desired result for you. For too long, bar exam preparation only included two steps:
(1) Graduate Law School; and (2) Attend Bar Review.
If you did not pass the exam with what you were taught in bar review, you had no where else to turn...just more of the same...taught by people who teach what they learned in bar review. There are now 3 Steps in preparing for the Bar Exam:
(1) Law School; (2) Bar Review; and (3) Repeaters' ResourceTM.

Take Action

Let's get you off the bar review track and into the what-you-need-to-do-to-pass track.

Repeaters' needs are addressed here. Bar Review has not worked for you. Purchasing more law and material has not worked for you. Repeaters’ Resource provides the necessary changes in your preparation and performance that makes the difference between Repeaters failing and passing the bar exam.

Traditional bar review is insufficient for many stellar bar candidates. Your preparation choices and learning style may be what is holding you back.

To view the Repeater Success TrainingSM being offered at this time, click on the link below:
Programs for 2014 CA Bar Exams

Need A Triumphal Boost?

The Legal Education AnnexTM presents Bar Exam Mind SetTM bringing positive visualization and stress relief to Repeat Takers. The technique in this recording is similar to what top performing athletes do to perfect their game and turn it around when they are in a slump. We are pleased with the positive impact this recording has had on Repeaters across the United States and the attention it received from the ABA Journal.

To learn more about Bar Exam Mind SetTM click on link below:
Bar Exam Mind Set

Get Started

If you are tired of repeatedly being knocked down, CA Bar Exam Repeaters' ResourceTM is here to give you a fresh look at the bar exam. Become a stealth competitive candidate by preparing properly. Show up on exam day excited to show them what this Repeater’s got.

If you would like a free consultation with Ms. Bandy regarding your bar exam preparation, email or give us a call, and we will reserve the time for you.

Email: The Candidate Services Department at help@RepeatersResource.com or Ms. Bandy directly at paulina@CBERR.com to make an appointment.

Phone: 1-714-RR X Pass (1-714-779-7277). Inquiry calls between 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday - Friday.

Wishing you good luck and reclaimed joy and excitement for your goal.

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